Are you a Carer?

We are aware that there is some confusion amongst Carers and the public due to guidance over leaving the house for daily exercise changing over the past few weeks.  The Government has further amended that guidance acknowledging that some people and their Carers; those with autism, learning difficulties, dementia, do need to get out for exercise more than once per day.

Eden Carers lead on the creation of the attached document.  It has been written in conjunction with Cumbria CVS, Cumbria County Council and the Police.  Its purpose is to clarify to Carers that:

  • They can go out of the house more than once a day if the Cared For requires more frequent exercise.
  • They can drive a short distance to a suitable path, etc. for exercise
  • If the Cared For has severe mobility problems and is unable to go for a walk, a LOCAL drive in the car to get out of the house is acceptable.

If you are a Carer we ask that you please, when you are out, take a copy of the attached document, showing it to the Police if you are questioned as to why you are out.