How you can help to protect us

How you can help to protect us

Wearing a face covering helps to reduce the spread of coronavirus from anyone who is infected but is pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, meaning they aren’t yet showing any symptoms. This face covering could be a scarf, bandana or homemade mask.  Ideally, we are asking that a surgical mask should not be used as it is important that these remain available for frontline NHS and Care staff.

Many patients now arriving at the practice already wear their own often distinctive and attractive, homemade masks, which we really appreciate. We are also asking that patients come in for their appointments alone where possible, to further reduce the risk of any infection being spread. 

If you want to make your own mask…..         

There are many different methods to making a mask that are being shared on the internet. Here’s a couple: 

Basic mask – instructions from Mask Force Frome:

MiMi G Style This link is to a youtube video which explains how to make a facemask (forward to about 3:30 for the instructions to start.)