CQC Report


CQC Report of Court Thorn Surgery – please click the above CQC image to view full report.

Patients and staff vote Court Thorn Surgery as being ‘Outstanding’.

Quick Overview

The service was safe.
Patients were supported by staff who ensured they received appropriate treatment and support. The practice were proactive in monitoring safety and responded appropriately to risks.Incidents were investigated, learning communicated and action taken to improve. Medicines were stored and administered properly. The practice was visibly clean and had effective infection and control policies and procedures. The provider could take action to improve procedures in relation to the recruitment of staff.

The service was effective.
Patients received care and treatment in line with recognised best practice guidelines. The practice monitored people’s care and treatment to ensure it consistently improved and achieved positive outcomes for people. There were joint working arrangements, information sharing and decision making with other health professionals; referrals were made in a
timely way. Staff were appropriately qualified and competent to
carry out their role. The practice together with the PPG (patient Participation Group) was proactive in health promotion and prevention.

The service was caring.
Feedback from patients was positive about the way staff treated them. They felt supported, well cared for and told us they were treated with compassion, dignity and respect. They said staff involved them in their care and decision making and offered support when needed. Although the practice did not have any patients whose first language was not English, they had access to interpretation services.

The service was responsive.
Patients waited as short a time as possible for services, treatment or care. There was an effective and proactive approach to managing referrals and appointments. Patients were supported to provide feedback or make a complaint about their care. The practice acted upon feedback from surveys and concerns and they were open and honest about the learning
and action they had taken.

The service was well-led.
Staff felt respected, valued and supported and there was a culture of openness, honesty and transparency. A proactive approach was taken to involve and seek feedback from patients and staff. Patients and staff concerns were listened to and acted upon.