Keeping you Informed

CTS Newsletter

Here at Court Thorn Surgery we aim to keep you up to date with news from healthcare and activities from a national prospective and a local one from Cumbria, Eden and within the Practice.

The CTS Newsletter (“Branching Out” is printed in house on a regular basis. We welcome your input, perhaps an article, feedback or something that you know is happening in the area.

Please make use of this Practice Newsletter and remember to pick it up when you are next in. They can be found on the reception desk.

The Monthly Topic Board

At Court Thorn we believe that giving health information ensures patients and carers can take ownership of your health by having the right information.

The reception team provides a monthly colourful display on the Topic Board on a variety of topics. Examples have been: stop smoking, eating healthy and watch your alcohol intake!

Dispensary Board

The Dispensary aims to keep you informed of changes in prescription charges, services we provide and how to keep costs of prescriptions down.

Court Thorn Surgery Website

At Court Thorn we have a website to keep you up to-date with what is working and changing at the Practice.

Log on to:

Patient Information and Advice Sheets – this site provides evidence-based articles on many health and disease topics. They are written by doctors for patients and are really useful resource.

Log on to:

Patient Participation Group

The PPG is made up of patients and carers of the practice. Their input is vital in providing new, more patient focused or better quality services.