When We Are Closed – Staff Training

Education and Training

All staff both clinical and non clinical take part in an annual appraisal system which links into their personal development programme.

This is monitored through supervision and ongoing development opportunities.

Doctors, nurses and dispensers are obliged professionally to maintain their continuing professional development to ensure their clinical skills are as up to date as possible.

Like all practices in Cumbria, every month the practice closes for the afternoon from 1pm to allow all staff to take part in protected learning. The types of training that staff take part in are:

  • Information Governance (Confidentiality and your records secure)
  • Basic life support
  • Health and safety
  • Team building
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Chronic disease illnesses
  • Strategic Planning for Service Changes
  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

These half days also give us the opportunity to review departmental policies and procedures, to examine critical incidents that may have happened over the last few months and to review the feedback from patients in order to look at improvements and implement any changes.

Dates for this year are:


Thursday 15th July

Wednesday 15th September

No training date in August

Thursday 14th October

Wednesday 17th November

No training date in December


Thursday  13th January

Thursday 10th February

Wednesday 16th March

Every Tuesday between 12.00 and 12.45pm for in house staff training