First Step


About First Step

We all feel low or worry from time to time and usually these feelings fade away on their own. But when they just won’t go away or start to interfere with your day-to-day life, First Step can help you get back on track.

Sleep problems, mild to moderate depression or anxiety disorders such as chronic worry, panic attacks, obsessions or problems following a traumatic incident will vary a great deal in severity between person to person.

Our trained practitioners will listen to your experience to try and understand how you have been feeling. Together we will decide what sort of help might work best for you.

We may simply guide you through self help materials appropriate to your problems or introduce you to computerised therapy if that’s what you’d prefer. We may decide to use a talking treatment which can often take place in your GP’s surgery.

Talking treatments (the commons ones being cognitive behavioural therapy or counselling) are designed to influence your thoughts and behaviour and can help you change the way that you feel, reducing your depression or anxiety.

We are committed to offer the right treatment for you – if you think we can help, ask your GP about First Step or fill in the online self referral fom